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Review: Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Elixir

Saturday, 6 September 2014

I am sure you have seen these new lip glosses by Maybelline around but I wanted to give you my take on them. These are really glossy, non-sticky lip glosses with a thicker, more long wearing consistency while still being really moisturising. At first I was a little thrown off by the weird fluffy applicator because I prefer a nice little brush or the traditional doe-foot applicator but even though it looks odd, it works quite well. 

As for lasting power, I generally can get a few hours of wear out of these. Of course, like almost every other lip gloss (that isn't super drying) they won't survive a meal but I can usually wear them all day and only reapply after lunch so that is a definite plus. The colour range is also really good and has a lot of pink shades with great pigmentation which is of course why I love them. They also have some lovely nudes as well as deeper reds, plums and purple shades. I have four of the pink ones and I will give you a little run down of each.
Right to Left: Petal Plush, Rose Defined, Fuchsia Flourish and Hibiscus Haven.
Petal Plush 100
This one is the softest of the light pinks and is the only one of my four colours with shimmer. I have a lot of pink in my lips naturally so this is almost like a nude for me, just giving my lips a tiny bit more colour and lots of shine. If you are looking for a barely there pink gloss, this one is for you.

Rose Defined 090
This gloss is deeper and rosier than Petal Plush so it shows up a bit more on the lips and it doesn't have any glitter or shimmer. It is a lovely rosy tint which is still really natural due to the deeper shade and lack of glitter.

Fuchsia Flourish 075
As the name would suggest this is a bright, true fuschia with quite good pigmentation and again, without shimmer. Of course it is a lot less natural looking than the others but if you a looking for a shot of glossy colour this is perfect. 

Hibiscus Haven 085
Compared to Fuschia Flourish, this shade is still very much in the hot pink territory but leans much more towards a more blue-toned Barbie pink. It is bright, not as deep as the Fuschia but because it is a gloss, it doesn't look like too much on the lips. I think this will be a great colour for Spring with dewy skin and a pop of pink blush.

Right to Left: Petal Plush, Rose Defined, Fuchsia Flourish and Hibiscus Haven.
All in all, I am just a really big fan of these and they are such great quality while still being cheap. They retail for $17.95 but are often on sale. I got mine during Priceline's 50% and Target's 30% off all Maybelline so keep an eye out. When it comes to "drugstore" products my mantra is never ever pay full price. Especially when Australia's prices are so inflated to start with.

Have you already tried out these great new Maybelline glosses? Let me know and I would love to hear what you think of some of the other shades as well.

Stay Rosy.

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