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Review: Artiste Brushes

Sunday, 21 September 2014
I have quite a few Artiste brushes now thanks to Priceline's regular 2 for the price of 3 promotion so I figured I would post a review of the brushes I have. I know a lot of people are looking for more information for the new #55 Contour Brush as a potential dupe for the Nars Ita brush so I wanted to give you a review as soon as possible.

Artiste Professional #55 Contour Brush $21.95
I was considering getting the Nars Ita brush ($74) for the longest time but the price tag always put me off and I'm so glad I waited. While I don't own the Ita brush, I have had a good look and play with it in Mecca and I can say that this one is a fantastic dupe for less than a third of the price! If anything it has slighly shorter denser bristles but I don't see that as a disadvantage at all. If anything it might make for easier blending. I used this brush with my Benefit Hoola bronzer and was really impressed with the result. It is soft, dense, well shaped and basically perfect for contouring beneath the cheekbones, across the forehead and under the jaw. I also love the soft and densely packed bristles which allows me to really easily blend the contour to make it look more natural. In short, I love this brush and I'm sure you will too. If you have been contemplating whether to try it out, do it! You won't regret it.

Artiste Professional #53 Highlighter Brush $19.95

Because I have always used cream and liquid highlighters in the past and applied them with my fingers, my recent purchase of MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle and theBalm Mary-Lou Manzier highlighter powders left me with a gap in my brush collection. I tried the Real Techniques setting brush I already had but I wasn't totally happy with how it applied my powder highlighters but this one is great. It has a round tapered point which allows for a certain amount of precision in application while still being fluffy enough to blend the edges. If you are having trouble finding the perfect brush for your powder highlighters, definitely check out this one.

Artiste Professional #20 Bronzer Brush $19.95
Naturally, because there was a 2 for the price of 3 sale on all Artiste brushes at Priceline I had to pick another one and I really just grabbed this one on a whim. In saying that, I'm really glad I did. I already have a few larger powder brushes from Eco Tools, Real Techniques and Faboosh but this one is slightly more flat and precise while also being quite dense so I think it will be a great bronzing brush. It also would make a great all-rounder for bronzer, powder and maybe blush as long as you don't want really precise, sculpted blush. Again, the bristles on this one are really soft and comfortable on the skin.

Artiste Professional #18 Short Handled Angled Blush Brush $14.95
This was a particular shape I had been hunting for when I spotted it at Priceline. I knew there were angled blush brushes in higher end ranges but as far as I know this is one of the only "affordable" brand brushes in this really handy angled shape. I find this perfect for applying brush, especially when I'm going for a more sculpted look. For a more blended rosy flush I use my larger Real Techniques blush brush. I also like that this one is small and allows for a lot of precision in blush application and even contouring, especially under the cheekbone. Because it is a nice size I also regularly keep it in my bag for powder, blush and bronzer touch ups during the day.

Artiste Professional #29 Rounded Smudge Brush $14.95
This is a must have for creating a bold smokey eye and I love using it to really build up a dramatic crease and then blend it out. It is also for building up a deeper smoky colour in the outer corner and under my bottom lashes. The bristles are really soft but very densely packed so it creates a really precise domed tip. It is definitely in my top 5 eye brushes and well worth picking up.

Artiste Professional #39 Angled Brow Brush $7.95
There aren't a lot of cheaper brow brushes available in Australia and when I was on the hunt this was one of the only ones I found at a "drugstore" price point. While I usually use a brow pencil, this one works really well when I want a softer brow with powder. While I would prefer if it was slightly narrower it still does the job really well and is a good option for a budget brow brush if you're not wanting to spend big bucks.

Artiste Professional #46 Retractable Lip Brush $10.95
This brush is so handy and is often rattling around in my handbag. I generally always apply my bolder red and pink lipsticks with this brush for a more polished finish. I would probably love if the brush was ever so slightly bigger/wider but considering it is meant to be compact, it is a fantastic brush. Be careful when you pull it out though. I did so a little to enthusiastically one day and pulled it clean apart but it was my own fault so I down fault the brush one bit. As an indication of how much I like this brush, I immediately ran out and bought a new one.

Final Impressions
All in all, these Artiste brushes are fantastic value for money and have the best range out of all of the budget brush brands available in Australia. While I will say that a few of the face brushes shed a little bit initially, the shedding stops after a good was or two to get the loose bristles out. For example, I have had the angled blush brush the longest and it stopped shedding ages ago. I don't even remember the last time a bristle fell out.

Do you have any of the Artiste Professional brushes or are you looking to pick up the new contour brush because of the hype or because, like me, you don't want to drop $70 on the Nars brush? Are there any great ones I don't have yet that I simply must pick up from this range? Let me know in the comments.

Stay Rosy.
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  1. Great review lovely! I actually just purchased the NARS Ita Brush and am currently in love with it, but even so, I'm definitely going to try out it's dupe after reading your review!!

  2. When you do please let me know your thoughts on similarities and differences 😃


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