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Thursday, 25 September 2014
I'm forever gushing about my favourite beauty products but I wanted to show you that I don't blindly adore every product I try. I usually do a lot of research and reading about a product before I buy it so my dud purchases are rare but here are a few that have fell short of my expectations.

Face of Australia Lip Quench SPF 30+ Moisturising Lipstick
I figured I may as well start with the worst of the bunch and these have that position in lockdown. I bought these on a whim (bad idea!) and I could not have been more disappointed. Not only is the formula really terrible because it is almost slimy and slides all over the lips but also, these lipsticks stink! I think it is because of the SPF in them. The only redeeming quality is that the colours I got (Lychee and Power Surge) are actually quite nice but even the most gorgeous of shades do little to redeem such a terrible formula. I seriously only kept these to do this blog post and they will now promptly be going in the bin.

Revlon PhotoReady Creme Blush in Flushed

Drugstore brand cream blushes are still few and far between and before I tried others I thought this one was okay. Once I tried the Bourjois cream blushes though I realised just how terrible the pigmentation and staying power of this blush really was. You have to build this up a lot to get a decent colour payoff and even then it doesn't last longer than a couple of hours at best. My advice would be to order the Bourjois ones from overseas instead because unfortunately they aren't stocked in Australia. I have reviewed them here and included some tips on where to buy them.

Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation in 51

While I love every other product I've tried in the Bourjois range, especially the Healthy Mix foundation which is sadly a little too dark for me, I am not a fan of this foundation. It is really thick so application can be a bit tricky to begin with. Unfortunately it also transfers like crazy. It just doesn't set for some reason and it will rub of on anything that comes into contact with your face. It also doesn't have anywhere near the claimed 16 hour staying power. I found it oxidised quite quickly and left me with patchy coverage after only a few hours. Maybe it is just because of my skin but I couldn't get on with this one and considering how awesome other foundations in their range are, I would probably recommend skipping this Bourjois foundation. I actually think it might have been discontinued to make way for their new foundation ranges because I can't find it on the Priceline website. Honestly though, it is no great loss. Buy the Healthy Mix instead if you can find a good colour match.  

NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Bohemian Rhapsody and Caviar & Bubbles

This might be a bit of a controversial one but I really do not get the hype with NYX, especially their eye shadows. The pigmentation and payoff is average at best. I find the Maybelline and even Chi Chi shadows to be way better for around the same price. I have two of the NYX single eyeshadows (Rust and Black Sparkle) which have a little better colour payoff but still not enough to warrant the hype in my opinion. Sorry if this ruffles any feathers but I just really don't like NYX eyeshadows. I really wish I did because I ordered a bunch all in one go thinking I would and I haven't used them.

Avon Mega Effects Mascara

Oh boy do I hate this mascara. I got it in a Bella Box so thank god I didn't really pay for it. I was pretty skeptical when it first came out and all my negative first impressions were confirmed when I used it. There is a very good reason that basically every other mascara comes in a wand form. Sure the brushes on the wands may vary but they are all basically look alike. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! This gimmicky paint-brush style applicator is awkward as hell to use and makes getting all the lashes really hard, if not impossible. The formula inside might be decent but we will never know because the brush makes application completely impossible. I am all for innovative new products and packaging but gimmicky duds that take a giant step backwards are just pointless. 

So there they are… the products I am not at all in love with. Some are terrible while others a just regularly disappointing. Hopefully this post will help you to avoid some of the things I feel I have wasted my money on. I would also love to know what dud products you have come across or products you felt just didn't live up to the hype. Let me know in the comments section.

Stay Rosy.
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