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My Love of Lancôme Lips

Wednesday, 10 September 2014
Over the past 6 months I have fallen very much in love with Lancôme. I especially love their new ranges and the fact that their two most recent brand ambassadors have been Emma Watson and Lily Collins, it is very clear that they are aiming a lot of their new releases at a different market than they maybe did in the past. Their new range of glosses and lipsticks titled Gloss in Love, Rouge in Love and Lip Lover all carry a common theme and I have to say the name is pretty accurate. They are quite lovely.

I had been interested in these Lip Lover glosses ever since they were released.  I really love the way Lancôme has rebranded with Lily Collins (who always has flawless makeup) and I had heard good things. So of course I had to get at least one of these. I couldn’t go past the darker, berry pink that has the most adorable name “Framboise Etoile” which is French for Strawberry Star. These are a high gloss, and intensely moisturising without any glitter or shimmer. They are thick but not at all sticky and actually last pretty well. Even when they wear off, they leave a subtle stain. They will basically stay on for a few hours but won’t survive eating, but there aren’t many lip glosses that will so I don’t mind at all. I know they are quite expensive at $44, especially for a more subtle gloss, but if you are up for a splurge, you won’t be disappointed with these.

I LOVE THIS FORMULA! I assure you the caps are necessary, it is actually quite amazing. They come in super cute packaging but other than that they look like your typical cream formula lipstick. Don’t be fooled. They are really moisturising and smooth. One of the smoothest opaque formulas I’ve ever tried actually (except maybe for YSL Rouge Volupte which are in a class of their own but unfortunately not very long lasting). The colour payoff is great too, not just in this shade but all the ones I swatched while I was picking a colour. They have a great range of colours, some of which are really bright and unique. They also last a lot longer than you would expect of such a moisturising lipstick. I got a good 4-6 hours even with snacks in between. Because they don’t set, if it wears of at the inside, you just rub your lips together to even it up again. Even when they do fade, they leave a nice stain just like the Lip Lover.

In short, get thee to a Lancôme counter and try these out and please don’t be stuck in the idea that Lancôme is only for mature women. Their new releases are fantastic and if you haven’t looked at the brand much in the past I suggest you do, starting with these lipsticks. If you are only going to buy one product from Lancôme I seriously think this would be my pick, especially of the lip products. They also have amazing foundations but that is a review for another time.

Lancôme L’Absolu Velours in 373 Velours de Magenta
This one is quite an amazing formula as well but not as comfortable and probably a little too much for every day wear. For a night out or special event though, this one is great. It goes on like a really thick, opaque gloss but when it sets is when it becomes quite amazing. They “dry” into a very intense velour finish (hence the name) which lasts like nothing else. These are one of the few rare lip products that will get you through the whole day and I didn’t notice any significant drying out of my lips. Just be careful though when you first put them on. Because the formula is so thick a lot slid and collected in the corners of my mouth just as it was setting which had to be blotted off but afterwards it wore perfectly. As for the colour this is a real standout. Lancôme definitely has less intense colours, which would be more suited to a day look, but I just couldn’t go past the fuchsia. There was actually a nude in this range that looked quite good that I can see myself going back for fairly soon.

I got these in a kit of four minis for around $40. I don’t know if they are worth the $45 dollars each for the full sized tube but in saying that I do really like them. If you are up for the splurge, I recommend you try them out. They are comfortable, not at all sticky and come in lovely colours and adorable packages.

If you’re on more of a budget however, I would probably go for the Bourjois 3D Effect Lipgloss which are half the price and still a really good formula with some comparable colours and finishes and lots of shimmer which seem to be an identifying feature of this range. Also, unlike Lancôme, Bourjois is often on sale at Priceline when you can pick them up for less than $15.

From the second I saw this look on Lily Collins I needed the lipstick and I found it. Berry Noir was the exact lipstick her makeup artist used to create this look.

It’s a really deep berry colour, which is probably too much for most to wear everyday, but when applied lightly it makes a lovely stain because of the semi-opaque formula. It has a certain amount of transparency that allows your lips to shine through which makes for a more natural look considering the dark colour.  The formula for this particular one is quite unique and shows just how far lipsticks have come. I know these are expensive but if you invest in a bold dark colour it gives you more options for your money, depending on how you could apply it. You could do a light blot on your fingertips for a natural stain, or slick a layer of clear gloss over the top to dress it up. Finally, you could apply it much like Lily for a gorgeous vampy night look. With a creamy formula like this, you can even use it like a cream blush. One of my favourite makeup artists, Lisa Eldridge, has a fantastic tutorial on YouTube where she does exactly this using a bold Tom Ford lipstick to show how you can stretch you dollar further.

Swatches Left to Right: L'Absolu Rogue in Berry Noir, Lip Lover 355, Rouge in Love 343B, L'Absolue Velours, Gloss in Love 144, 385, 383 and 323.

In conclusion, I have really been impressed with every Lancôme product I have bought and will definitely be buying more in the future. There are some that are absolute standouts and others were I could settle for a cheaper alternative but I have never regretted a single Lancôme splurge. I also have the Tient Miracle Foundation, blushes and an eye palette, all of which I will reviewing in time. Please let me know which Lancôme products you would like to read about next.

So, have you tried any Lancôme lip products yourself lately? Are you going to rush out and have a squiz now? Let me know in the comments.

Stay Rosy.
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