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5 Products I Can't Live Without

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The lovely @makupmonster777 invited me to take part in the popular "5 Products I Can't Live Without" challenge on Instagram. If you aren't already following her, please check out her Instagram here. In no particular order, here they are.

Urban Decay Naked Palette
This one probably comes as no surprise but there is a reason that these palettes are so damn popular. I also have the Naked 2 and desperately covet the Naked 3 palette. I prefer a nude eye so I inevitably find myself reaching for this one most days. I particularly love the Virgin, Sin, Buck, Darkhorse and Hustle shades. Buck and Virgin are no joke the perfect contour and inner corner highlight shades. I love them so much.
Honourable Mention: I reach for my Benefit World Famous Neutrals Palette really often too but considering this is already a Benefit dominated list, I went with the Urban Decay one.

Benefit Erase Paste in Light
My pale skin, hereditary dark purple circles and impending thesis submission all culminate in the worst dark circles you can imagine. I was always unhappy with concealers until I found this baby. It is a salmon-y corrector that neutralises the purple and depending on how much makeup I'm wearing on a particular day I will wear only this or put a concealer like MAC Pro Longwear or Stila Perfecting Concealer over it before following with foundation. Basically this stuff is a godsend and when I eventually run out (which I can't see happening any time soon because there is a lot of product and you only need a tiny bit) I will repurchase it without hesitation.

Benefit They're Real Mascara
Told you this was a Benefit show! I seriously love this mascara! I still have a lot of others, particularly Maybelline ones which I would definitely recommend for those of you who are perhaps more sane than I and don't want to drop almost $40 on a mascara. Usually though, I order from the USA site and buy enough to qualify for free international shipping which makes the price far more manageable. Despite the price, I cannot imagine a world where this isn't in my makeup collection. For me it just works way better than anything I've tried, giving me the exact amount of lengthening and thickening that I like. A lot of people don't like it because it is really hard to get off but it means it doesn't budge all day and my Bioderma Crealine gets it off very easily so it really isn't an issue.

Maybelline Mastershape Brow Pencil in Deep Brown
I no joke use this every single day I leave my apartment, without fail. While I still am keen to try out cult favourites like the Anastasia brow products this is one I will always keep around because I know I can fall back on it. It's simple, the perfect shade for me, lasts the whole day and does exactly what I want it to. I always stock pile it when Maybelline goes on sale and have at least one back up ready to go. I already posted a review on it if you want to read it here.

Nars Powder Blush in Orgasm
There is a reason this is the best selling blush in the world and an absolute cult classic. In a word, it is fantastic! I have tons of other blushes that I love and use often but if I am rushing out the door with a quick brow pencil, blush and lipgloss combo this is the one I always reach for. It is so perfectly natural and universally flattering. It is also my favourite blush for when I'm doing a really dramatic eye and nude lip because it is just like a natural flush. I would definitely say it is a great investment because I have had this one for a couple of years using it quite often and I haven't come close to hitting pan. 

So there they are… the 5 products I can't live without. If I ever run out of, loose, etc any of these I will repurchase them without a second thought because they really are amazing!

Let me know if you love any of these as well and please feel free to post the 5 products you can't live without either in the comments or on Instagram (make sure you tag me @rosy.disposition so I can check them out). I'd love to see your top 5!

Stay Rosy.
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