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Lowered Prices at Mecca! - Mini-Haul

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima have listened to their Australian customers complaints about the inflated prices and they have done something about it! I am beyond happy about this and I’m sure a lot of you will be too. The reductions apply to their excusive brands like Nars, Hourglass, Too Faced, Stila and Bare Minerals, which have been considerably overpriced for quite a while. This follows the Body Shop Australia doing the same thing in the last few weeks, lowering prices across their range to more closely reflect their prices of the same products in other countries.

Any beauty lover in Australia with an internet connection is well aware that we are often charged much higher prices which simply isn’t fair or justified. Of course there are issues with fluctuating exchange rates, import taxes and a higher minimum wage for the sales reps and assistants to consider but that does not justify a huge increase in price, sometimes up to double.

To celebrate the new prices, I went to Mecca Maxima Carindale today to pick up a few things I have been eyeing off for quite a while. This is basically just to show you some of the savings you can make and how the current prices now relate to prices in, for example, the USA.

Nars Powder Blush was $45 now $39

Nars Powder Blush in Amour (left) and Orgasm (right)
This is so exciting because I simply love my Nars Orgasm blush so much and I have always wanted to buy a few more but the price has stopped me. Not necessarily because I could afford it because I often spend way too much on products (oops). I just knew how overpriced they were in Australia so I didn’t buy any on principle. I even bought my Orgasm blush from the UK because it was so much cheaper. Now that the price has come down to $39 it is much more manageable. I know it still isn’t cheap but hey, they are now cheaper than MAC blushes and comparable or better quality. Not only that, but these retail for $30 USD in the States, which with current exchange rates, translates to about $32.30, which is still cheaper but perfectly reasonable when you consider the other factors I mentioned.

Considering the new and improved price I picked up the Nars powder blush in Amour today. It is a lovely deep rose with a matte finish that I liked as soon as I saw it. I picked this one because it is quite unlike any of my other blushes and can be used lightly for a natural, flattering flush or amped up for a bit of classic glamour. The quality of these blushes is flawless as I’m sure you have all heard and I think it is $39 well spent.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette taken with flash to show shimmer.
I finally bought this palette and I couldn’t be happier. No really, it’s like Christmas came months early. I have wanted this Ambient Light powder for so long and I nearly bought it a few times at the old price of $95. This retails for $58 USD at Sephora, which equates to around $63 AUD, making the new price at Mecca of $86 better but probably still with room for improvement. When I was in at Mecca today they only had one left in stock so I took it as a sign (or just a really good excuse) to pick it up. I tried it on in store and I immediately liked the subtle finish. It wasn’t until I got out to my car and some natural sunlight that I absolutely loved it. It gives this really flattering glow that seems to minimise pores and perfects the skin with some kind of black magic. I have a few other illuminators and this is really very different.

Left to right: Dim Light, Incandescent Light and Radiant Light
These swatches do not do the palette justice at all. Because it gives a very subtle effect (that somehow makes a huge difference) it is basically impossible to catch on camera. My recommendation would be to go into Mecca if you have one near you and try it out for yourself. You will be amazed by the results you can get from just a powder. There is a reason these palettes and single Ambient Light powders are so popular.

There are a few other products that have just gotten cheaper that I will definitely be picking up over the next couple of months…

Now it may not seem like a huge reduction but consider these high end products never go on sale it is great news and honestly, something I did not expect. Considering the new reduced prices at Mecca will you be heading in to pick up a few luxuries or placing an online order? Like me, are there a few things that have been on your wish list for ages that you might buy now? Let me know.

Stay Rosy,

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